The appointment lasts between 40mins-1hr depending on the size of the project. A designer will meet you on site or in our office to discuss your plans and measure the site.


Initial Drawings

These will be completed 1-2 weeks after the initial meeting. The designer will return to the site or invite you to our office to confirm your design. At this stage we will go over materials, finishes and any optional extras you would like to have included on the quotation. Once these initial plans have been sited by you, the project will be submitted for pricing.

*note- no drawings will be emailed/printed or copied until receipt of the deposit.



The designer will email you a copy of the quotation and request the deposit to commence the project.



On receipt of the deposit we will email a copy of the initial drawings. The designer will request all required details, appliance models and materials to be confirmed.


Production plans

The final productions plans will be emailed for approval. You will be requested to go over them thoroughly and contact us if you need anything clarified as changes cannot be made without an extra charge after the plans are submitted for production.The progress payment will be requested on approval.



On receipt of the progress payment the plans will be submitted for production. We build all joinery in our workshop. Once completed we invite our clients to come to our workshop to approve the cabinetry prior to installation. If changes are requested this is the last stage to make them and they will incur an extra cost.



The final payment is due 3 days prior to installation. Our 

installers will usually arrive between 7:00 -7:30am. This will be confirmed the week before. The size of the project will depend on how many days the installation will be scheduled for. A small kitchen will usually be scheduled over 1 day.